TradeStars Raises 1.67M to Reframe Fantasy Sports


TradeStarts is excited to announce that they have successfully secured funding of $1.67M through a strategic investment round led by  AU21Block Dream Fund, and LD Capital Partners, with the participation of Sfermion, Taureon, Spark Digital Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Free Company, Faculty Capital, Hype Partners, NGC Ventures, Krypital Group, and some remarkable individuals. Funds will be used for further development and market the product.

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports platform where Fractional NFT markets enable a DeFi gamification system for trading digital assets that represent real-life stats of athletes’ performances. The company creates a place where users can express their passion for sports and compete against each other with true digital ownership, transparency, liquidity, and decentralization. TradeStars aims to connect people to things they love through Fantasy Sports in a trustless decentralized way.

Investors of TradeStart

AU21 Capital

“We are thrilled to partner with TradeStars as they introduce a revolutionary approach to fantasy sports. Sports markets play an integral role in the world economy, and have served as a unifying force throughout the covid pandemic. TradeStars tokenizes real-world athletic performance and allows for enthusiasts of any sport to trade their favorite players and teams in a fully decentralized marketplace.”

LD Capital

“Tradestars is definitely one of the most innovative NFT projects in our portfolio. First of all, TradeStars’s valuation proposition is unique. It provides users a method to leverage and trade fantasy stocks for their favorite sports players by creating digitized versions of actual players. This provides users a brand new way to exchange sports knowledge for joy and benefit. Anyone who wants to find out how much his sports knowledge worth, TradeStars will be his go to platform. Billions of traditional sports fans will be attracted to the platform as well as the crypto world.

Additionally, the growth potential of TradeStars is vast. Sports is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Countless people give their heart and soul to sports events. By combining NFT with sports, TradeStars’ potential is unlimited. TradeStars also make transactions much faster and cheaper by leveraging on Ethereum L2 Matic Network. This has made fantasy sports and NFT economy accessible and affordable to everyone. It’s a really fascinating thing to spot TradeStars in its early stage, be part it, and witness how it changes tradition.”


“TradeStars is a crypto-native fantasy sports application. TradeStars democratizes access for users around the world who want to use their sports knowledge to bet for, or against, athletes and games. We are extremely happy to support Christian and the TradeStars entire team.”

Photo by Liam McKay on Unsplash

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