Capital Engine® Launches Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Capabilities


Launch your own Security Token Offering (STO) with Capital Engine® Technology 

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the hottest segments in Blockchain technology. With more than $8Bn locked up into this ecosystem of cryptocurrencies; more companies are getting funded via Security Token Offerings (STOs), fueling innovation in private capital markets and changing the fundraising landscape globally. 

As such, there are many issuers seeking to leverage not only new securities laws but also a whole new way of raising capital and managing investments on the Blockchain using smart contract capabilities. DeFi protocols offer a way to build financial products with global distribution. 

Seeking to be a major player in the DeFi movement, Capital Engine® is building a new protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, to contribute to the world of decentralized finance – features will enable issuers or portals to launch their own STOs, accept major forms of crypto (BTC, ETH), provide support for existing or new digital wallets, compliant investor onboarding and 3rd party escrow processes, seamlessly integrating with digital exchanges for additional liquidity. 

DeFi ecosystems and token launchpads such as Capital Engine® plan to simplify the process of launching DeFi products, effectively recreating the traditional financial system in markets such as lending, borrowing, and the buying and selling of securities, can all be done through a decentralized network. 

That means that anyone managing a portfolio of companies could tokenize them and raise capital using Capital Engine’s DeFi platform and accept cryptocurrencies as investments. 

Built on top of Capital Engine’s time-tested techstack and currently in sandbox, Capital Engine® is seeking strategic partners or investors to further develop its market interest within the DeFi stage across different markets.

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