Akemona and Tritaurian Announce Partnership to Cooperate on Digital Securities Platform


Akemona, Inc. (“Akemona”) and Tritaurian Capital, Incorporated (“Tritaurian”) announced today that they have entered into an agreement to jointly provide a range of services to businesses for issuance of exempt digital securities. Jim Preissler, Managing Partner of Tritaurian, said, “This partnership will position the platform to allow businesses to issue digital securities across the entire exempt offering framework that includes Regulations CF, D, S and A. This will help businesses, which are raising funds, to extend participation in their private offerings to accredited as well as non-accredited investors.”

Akemona, the first smart contract-based funding portal in the United States, helps businesses raise capital by offering and selling digital securities on its platform under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding. Tritaurian is an investment bank and the first approved broker-dealer authorized to perform the private placements of digital securities under Regulations D, S and A, including the use of distributed ledger (i.e., blockchain) technology.

Under the partnership agreement, Akemona Technologies, an affiliate of Akemona, will provide technology for issuance of digital securities to Tritaurian Capital. On the Akemona technology platform, offerings under Regulations D, S and A will be conducted by Tritaurian and those under Regulation CF will be administered by Akemona, Inc. The Akemona technology platform is owned and managed by Akemona Technologies, a provider of technology services.

Ravi Srivastava, Founding Partner, Akemona, stated, “By cooperating on the technology platform, Akemona and Tritaurian eliminate duplication and optimize information requirements for a variety of offerings conducted under multiple exemptions. This reduces the level of effort required by businesses for raising funds through concurrent offerings under different SEC regulations and ensures that the information disclosed by businesses across various offerings is consistent.”

The Akemona digital securities platform is expected to go live in March 2021, and will coincide with the SEC’s recent decision to increase the 12-month offering limit for Regulation Crowdfunding from US$1,070,000 to US$5,000,000.


About Akemona, Inc.
Akemona, a pioneer in digital securities, is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA under Regulation Crowdfunding. Akemona is the first smart contract-based crowdfunding portal in the United States. Akemona uses the Ethereum blockchain to enable issuance of digital securities. Akemona Technologies, an affiliate of Akemona, has developed a digital securities issuance platform using blockchain that does not require banks, middlemen or brokers. Global investors fund projects directly by purchasing digital securities issued by U.S. businesses. This digitalization of securities contracts allows Akemona to reduce the cost of raising capital. Qualified businesses can offer and sell digital securities on the Akemona platform to raise funds. Digital securities can be traded 24×7, are settled immediately, and provide full transparency of trade and pricing, all of which increase investor confidence. 

About Tritaurian Capital, Incorporated
Tritaurian, located at 261 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, New York, is a registered Broker-Dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. Tritaurian is the first non-ATS broker/dealer to be approved for a license to sell digital private placement securities using distributed ledger technology, otherwise known as blockchain technology. Digital securities are an emerging, yet rapidly evolving, implementation of distributed ledger technology with the potential to increase access and decrease cost for securities investors. Tritaurian believes that blockchain-based securities offer the opportunity to improve record keeping and transparency. Transparency, increased security and regulatory compliance are made possible through the open and programmable nature of blockchain tokens.


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