Standard Capital Partners with SolidBlock to Develop The Real Estate Security Token Market


SolidBlock continues expanding its business globally and is proud to announce its recent agreement of collaboration with Standard Capital, located in Tokyo Japan. 

The joint efforts will focus on the development of the real estate security token market in Japan and overseas. This will be made possible by combining SolidBlock’s technology of a real estate security token issuance and trading platform together with Standard Capital technology to develop the real estate STO system “J-FTA”.

SolidBlock and Standard Capital share the goal of overseas expansion with the aim of modernizing global real estate investment through blockchain technology. SolidBlock seeks to widen its reach with a view to increasing access to investment-grade real estate through technological innovation. Standard Capital aims to further expand the personal authentication system business and expand the business to manage related information and realize secure information exchange by seamless connection with external services. In addition, based on the “XELA ID”, Standard Capital works on a security enhancement service that can be applied to various fields. Moreover, the company is currently developing an STO business that enables financing by securities issued using electronic means such as blockchain, and an STO system that realizes small-lot real estate investment.

Together, the two companies will collaborate on activities that accurately anticipate and capitalize on market trends.

SolidBlock welcomes Standard Capital’s partnership and believes that through both companies’ joint efforts and exchange of information and technology, the liquidity of the real estate market using blockchain technology will develop greatly worldwide.

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