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Issufy and DigiShares to Join Forces on UK Market

Issufy, a leading platform to help organizations manage investor engagement in capital markets transactions, is pleased to confirm that it will be joining forces with DigiShares, a white-label platform for tokenized securities. With this new cooperation, Issufy and DigiShares will both extend their product offerings with more capabilities and will together focus on STOs both in the UK market and internationally.

Through DigiShares, any type of security such as company shares or bonds can be digitized and issued as tokens on the blockchain. The DigiShares platform handles both the issuance process as well as the ongoing corporate management of a group of tokenized investors, such as investor communication, share cap table, investor voting, etc. Any asset manager (real estate, investment fund, renewables, mining, etc.) may white-label the platform and use it under their own brand name for multiple STOs (Security Token Offerings).

Through DigiShares, whitelisted, verified and approved investors are able to purchase tokens – benefiting from immediate settlement, wider access to international investors, enhanced liquidity, and because of programmable governance and compliance, transactions will have fewer vulnerabilities to errors.

“The global financial infrastructure is shifting to blockchain infrastructure in order to reduce cost, delays, and amount of errors in the clearing, settlement, transfer and trading of securities. Investment funds, real estate funds, banks, etc. are actively implementing blockchain tokenization technology in order to achieve these advantages and not be left out of the game. The entire market is increasingly professionalizing in order to provide investor security and compliance that is sufficient to be acceptable for institutional investors and regulators. We see Issufy’s investor engagement platform as a major step forward in order to significantly increase the quality and breadth of functionality as part of the end-to-end securitization and tokenization process,” said Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares.

Skaaning added: “The Issufy platform fits perfectly with DigiShares for the pre-issuance management of a group of sophisticated and demanding investors in an STO context. DigiShares and Issufy will more easily together be able to provide an end-to-end investor management and STO platform that can appease institutional investors”.

“The new market of digital securities has high potential globally and is very relevant for Issufy. Together with DigiShares, we will offer a better end-to-end solution to allow issuers and their advisors to achieve the highest standards of information control, information structuring, analysis and management and user experience when collaborating with their investor communities and each other to create these types of transactions. The ecosystem’s expectations around flexibility and ease of use are only getting stronger all the time, as are requirements for effective compliance around how decisions are being made in all capital markets transactions, including STOs,” said Nawaz Imam, CEO of Issufy.

“We are delighted to formalize our partnership with DigiShares. We see them as a leader in this segment – they are among the first in Europe to provide an operational platform for investment funds, real estate funds, even later state startups to issue shares as tokens and offer them for sale, fully regulated in their jurisdictions. Together with our investor management platform we can offer asset managers a highly sophisticated and compliant fundraising process”.

About Issufy

Issufy is a next-generation, cloud-native transaction management platform for corporates, their advisors and intermediaries that create a digital bridge between those firms and their own investor community for complex capital raising transactions. All elements of engagement, from documentation, through to feedback, demand and allocations can be structured and captured with complete flexibility. From private through to public market transactions, it allows firms to leverage their relationships and distribution resources better, and where appropriate, engage directly with their own investor community in a flexible, yet structured format to quickly capture and analyse better quality data about investor intentions over time. This allows for far better decision making to take place, improved information flows and improved regulatory compliance as every interaction in the journey through to transaction execution is mapped out and recorded effectively. Spreadsheets, emails, and CRMs are not enough!



About DigiShares

DigiShares provides a white-label platform for issuance and post-issuance management of tokenized securities. It helps with the initial design of the security token such that it fulfills the requirements of the issuer jurisdiction, using the most popular security token protocols and helping ensure that the token may later be traded on forthcoming security token exchanges.

DigiShares is your trusted partner to ensure that your digital shares will be compliant and liquid.




DigiShares is currently conducting its own STO, learn more here:

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