New Informational Paper on tokenization for download


At The Tokenizer, we are happy to offer to our readers a new Informational Paper prepared by us on behalf of The Maker Foundation, the highly renowned company behind the stablecoin Dai.

This paper delivers an introduction to tokens and tokenization, but the primary purpose is to tell the story of the connection between the stablecoin Dai and tokenization of assets.

Later this year, The Maker Foundation will be launching their multi-collateral platform, MCD, that aims at enabling both digital and non-digital real-world assets to be used as collateral for creating Dai through the Dai Credit System.  

Large scale tokenization of real-world assets helps The Maker Foundation realize the goal of making Dai available to everyone. And at the same time, holders of tokenized assets can increase the liquidity of their assets even further by using it as collateral in the Dai Credit System – introducing a new phase of second-generation tokenization.

We hope you will find this first Informational Paper by The Tokenizer interesting. You can download it here for free.

More guides and whitepapers to come

Going forward The Tokenizer will produce and publish more guides and whitepapers on different topics and areas within the emerging industry of tokenization and security tokens.

Shortly after the summer, we expect to launch Basics of Tokenization – A starters guide into the token economy.

The purpose of this guide will be to help everyone who is not an expert on crypto economy understand what security tokens and tokenization are all about. And why more and more experts believe that the emerging industry of security tokens could be the most important and impactful trend ever within blockchain – perhaps even more important than blockchain itself.