Samar Law is a Danish law firm that takes pride in providing competent and honest advice to our clients.

We primarily advise on a broad range of business law issues related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can read more about our legal are advisory areas here.

We take an uncompromising honor in having a focus on our clients. We show this by providing 360-degree advice, which we provide in a clear and understandable language.

We are always available and ready to serve as our clients’ trusted advisor.


Gråbrødretorv 16, 1154 Copenhagen, Denmark

Key Employees


Payam Samarghandi is highly specialized on all legal aspects relating to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. Within this area, Payam has established a broad international network, a vast amount of experience, and an in-depth blockchain industry knowledge, which forms the basis of his advice. Payam's experience as a legal advisor especially includes issues related to financial regulation, company law, drafting contracts, preparing legal opinions, and defending clients in court cases. Payam also has a vast experience in tax law advice, and Payam is regularly defending clients in cases related to the taxation of cryptocurrencies against the Danish tax authorities.

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Blockchain and Virtual Currencies

The blockchain technology has a potential that can be crucial for a number of significant industries.

Blockchain and virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as bitcoin and ether, which are based on blockchain as underlying technology, have the potential to “disrupt” already existing systems.

There are many possibilities for incorporating blockchain into its business process. But in order to develop, commercialize and capitalize on the blockchain, there are a number of legal points to be aware of. Therefore, it is important that you have an attorney by your side who has in-depth legal and commercial knowledge and an industry knowledge of blockchain and virtual currencies.

Samar Law is the leading Danish law firm within this area.
Our advice in this thesis consists of a field of tension between the fields of corporate, fintech, tax law, fund law, financial regulation and employment law, which we already have experience with.


Our clients

Our clients count all market players, including:

  • Private companies and foundations whose primary business relates to blockchain and virtual currencies.
  • Public authorities who want to incorporate blockchain.
  • Private individuals regarding tax advice related to taxation of profits and investments in blockchain and virtual currency related projects.In addition, Samar Law has a wide national and international network in the area.
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