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Nellis & Katz LLP is a team of Wall Street trained lawyers with high relationship-management skills. Seasoned by experience, our passion is helping clients built better businesses.

Our team members have a breadth of experience and backgrounds, which allows us to deliver a high level of expertise and professionalism. However, maybe more important is our belief that a skill set and credentials will only carry you so far. Nellis & Katz LLP was created to help clients achieve their goals, and our people understand this can only happen when you build strong relationships with the people you serve.

We focus on giving clients the ability to quickly and confidently complete their transactions or initiatives, no matter the complexity, with commercial sense and on an affordable basis.

Our ongoing mission is to become a full spectrum of legal solutions across our entire portfolio of transaction offerings in order to enhance value, while creating unprecedented flexibility and efficient fee structure for our clients.

We support companies, funds and family offices of all sizes. Our highly experienced transactional lawyers have relationships with many top tier banks and in combination with our private equity professionals. Our experienced attorneys have systems in place to focus on quickly and efficiently executing your transactions.

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