SparkWorld* allows its platform to equitably distribute NFTs on launch

SparkWorld*, a community-centric web3 ecosystem driven by Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs) and powered by the $SPRK token, offers a fun, rewarding, and less randomized mechanism for NFT drops on its platform. The FPLs place users into ordered lists based on the accuracy of their predictions, giving every user a fair shot at landing a more valuable piece of the collection and abolishing first-come-first-serve whitelists and randomized minting.

Getting on a whitelist ahead of an NFT drop is the best opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to buy into the collections they love. Unfortunately, even the most engaged NFT followers are not guaranteed a spot on the list. Randomized minting has its drawbacks too, failing to reward any sort of engagement by putting the bet only on chance. Still, NFT project creators until now have had to rely on such strategies to avoid scenarios where a single wallet nabs the entire collection cheap and hikes the price on the secondary market. 

SparkWorld*’s platform changes the NFT launch paradigm, algorithmically allocating rewards in a way that fosters a fun, fair, and competitive user experience. All prediction events are transparent and available for everyone to see, and the verification all projects have to go through before listing mitigates the threat of a rug-pull scam. The platform mainnet launch will take place at the end of June. 

The $SPRK token fuels the entire SparkWorld* ecosystem and enables users to make their predictions. To compete for any collection on the platform, users stake their tokens into its designated prediction pool. Users above a certain threshold receive guaranteed allocations, and every pool participant gets a yield on their stake regardless of the accuracy of their prediction. $SPRK also plans to eventually grant voting and governance rights in the SparkWorld* DAO, giving holders a say in how the platform is run. The first Token Generation Event will take place in June.

“In line with the founding ethos of the blockchain revolution, SparkWorld*’s egalitarian distribution mechanism brings creators and community together through fair, fun, and interactive prediction events,” says Jolyon Horsfall, Co-CEO of SparkWorld*. “We hope SparkWorld* will help bridge the privilege gap in NFT distribution and create a more inclusive and democratized NFT world.”

About SparkWorld*

SparkWorld* is a platform that allows creators, communities, and investors to come together in a fun, engaging on-chain experience that includes gamification, metaverse integration, and more. The SparkWorld launchpad, powered by the $SPRK token, provides an effective, exciting, and engaging on-ramp for both communities and project developers to the latest and greatest NFT gaming project launches in an inclusive, fair, and exciting way via new mechanisms.

Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

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