Japanese film studio NOMA announces crypto anthology film series

Japanese film studio NOMA has announced it is developing a series of three feature films about the world of crypto, with Sefi Carmel, sound designer of feature films and television, officially joining as composer and sound designer. The first theatrical feature film in the series, The Rhetoric Star, is currently in production.

The second film in the series is Opus, an animated serialized movie which will document the production process of The Rhetoric Star and will be released in 1-minute-long segments weekly from now until the film’s release in 2024. The third film is to be announced later in 2022.

Producing The Rhetoric Star is filmmaker and founder of NOMA Taichi Itô, known for Lords of Chaos, Judge and Fringe Man. Renowned Japanese animator Haruna Gohzu is leading the animation on the series, known for Pokémon, Pokémon the Movie, and Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s New Dinosaur.

Also producing the franchise is Mai Fujimoto, also known as Miss Bitcoin. She is the founder and chief executive officer of Gracone Inc, a Tokyo-based blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy, and Kizuna, a non-profit bitcoin donation organization that supports programs in education and music. Ryo Nakatsuji of leading Japanese crypto publisher CoinPost also joins the film series as a producer.

Taichi Itô says: “Together with our talented team of filmmakers, bitcoin experts and now sound designer Sefi we want to build a series of films that incorporates world-leading knowledge of the crypto industry with creative storytelling. The Rhetoric Star is the first of three new Ips that will change the way audiences learn about and experience crypto. Films are made of image and sound, neither of which comes first, so we want to work with a top-notch crew before casting the performers. The days of following the rules of the film industry are over, but ‘manners are absolute’.”

Sefi Carmel comments: “Joining the genius team behind this maverick crypto film franchise is an honour. The world and all of its industries is careering towards a virtual future dependant on blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and the like, and we want to create a collective series that collaborates with the world’s crypto experts and brings narratives, storytelling and information to the masses in a creative and accessible way.”

About Sefi Carmel

Founder of Soundtrack Creation.

Composition / Production / Sound design / Mixing.

Sefi Carmel is an award-winning composer, sound designer and producer based in London.

He has worked with directors Ridley Scott, John Woo, Chris Columbus , Cameron Mackintosh Producer, Kevin Reynolds, Steven Spielberg, from his work on Hollywood feature films by major directors such as David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Massive Attack and BB King, among others. In addition, he has worked on film music for Netflix, Amazon, Disney, UIP, Buena Vista, Scott Free, BBC, MTV, ITV, National Geographic, Discovery, Sky, Five, Channel 4 and many more, and Channel 4, and many others.

Sefi Carmel’s soundtracks feature an exciting hybrid of grand, cinematic orchestral and cutting-edge electronic music. It combines great live musicians with a sound design that is more dynamic than the real thing. The best sound system for large theatres, Dolby Atmos, is used to create an earth-shattering, immersive cinematic experience.

About Taichi Itô

Film director / Producer / CEO: 60 films / 500 commercials: Founder of NOMA

The world’s first decentralised staff room “STUDIO Gallery: NOMA” was opened on the 5th floor of GINZA SIX, where the production process of the international film “THE RHETORIC STAR” and related films are being shown.

About NOMA

NOMA is an international film studio with about 150 professionals from different countries and companies. The team includes directors, producers, animators, actors, cinematographers and composers, and completes all aspects of film production, from planning and development to operational management. A pioneer in decentralised communities where technicians, researchers, creators, artists, journalists, media and even entrepreneurs provide support in the pursuit of cutting-edge visual expression.

Photo by Natalie Parham on Unsplash

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