Capital Block Becomes The Official NFT Agency of AS Monaco

AS Monaco and sports focused NFT consultancy Capital Block have signed an official partnership to develop NFT assets. 

AS Monaco is the first football club in France – and one of only a few in Europe – to sign with an NFT consultancy enabling the club to benefit from first-rate support in the development of its NFT offering for its fan community. 

Capital Block is the only sports and entertainment NFT consultancy, helping clubs to use NFTs as a powerful tool to enhance fan engagement with the club they support. Capital Block already works with several renowned European clubs such as Galatasaray and Legia Warsaw. 

Throughout the partnership, Capital Block will work with AS Monaco to assist the club and its fans to discover and navigate the world of NFTs; and then utilise them to engage with each other. In their role as official NFT agency, Capital Block will grow the NFT community within AS Monaco, launch NFT’s to AS Monaco fans, create and build a full NFT strategy for the club as well as advising them on the best NFT platforms for them to work with. 

Capital Block says that there are a number of ways AS Monaco could use NFTs to further engage with its fans such as “money can’t buy” experiences or exclusive merchandise that is only available to certain NFT holders. 

In return, Capital Block becomes the official NFT agency of AS Monaco and will benefit from visibility on the various communication channels of the club. 

Following the announcement, CEO of Capital Block, Tim Mangnall said: “We are delighted to be working with AS Monaco and we are really looking forward to hitting the ground running with the club. One of our first aims is to introduce AS Monaco and their fans to NFTs and how best to engage with them.” 

“We know the incredible advantages of building an NFT strategy and will be implementing this in the coming months. We are really excited that football clubs across Europe are starting to realise the importance of having an NFT strategy and know those that do will benefit in many ways, as will their fans.” 

Oleg Petrov, Vice-president CEO of AS Monaco said: “We are pleased with this partnership with Capital Block, which will allow AS Monaco to strengthen its positioning in the field of digital innovation and improve the possibilities for fans to connect with the club. Every day that passes confirms the growing appeal of NFTs. Capital Block’s expertise will enable us to better understand this universe, to grasp the issues related to it and to define a solid and sustainable strategy.” 

About Capital Block 

Capital Block is the only dedicated Sports and Entertainment NFT agency focusing on Sports Clubs and Teams. Capital Block helps sports clubs, brands, production houses, artists, celebrities and entertainers navigate the NFT space, through a deep understanding of what works and does not work and the best NFT platforms to partner with. 

Capital Block currently works with Galatasaray, with more major partnerships to be announced in 2022. Capital Block as an NFT agency is platform neutral, meaning it identifies the best opportunities for their clients by connecting them with the right partners, while building their NFT community and long-term strategy which is an essential component to any NFT project. 

About AS Monaco 

AS Monaco is a historic club of the French Championship, founded in 1924. With eight Ligue 1 titles, ten national cups and two European Cup finals (Champions League 2004, European Cup winners cup 1992), AS Monaco has one of the most impressive records in French football and a strong heritage. 

In the wake of the launch of its new, powerful, modern and innovative brand in May 2021 (“Rise.Risk.Repeat”), the club places the engagement of its strong digital community at the heart of its strategic thinking and position itself at the forefront in the field of digital innovation and news technologies.

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

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