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Terramint has launched the first-ever fully accessible Defi real estate tokenization platform.

Terramint’s platform gives investors the ability to transact in real estate tokens anywhere with a computer and internet.

Terramint offers the ability for users to purchase tokens for as little as $500. Users can purchase tokens during the primary offering. Once the primary offering is fully capitalized, users can then buy and sell those tokens on the platform marketplace utilizing an infrastructure provided by Blocksquare

Terramint will offer a vast array of properties from commercial, land, to rentals, Vrbo’s Airbnb, and many more.  Numerous properties will offer a yearly APY on the revenues that are produced from the property itself. 

These revenues will be distributed to their wallets. Wallets can be attached to the platform easily. Transactions can be conducted in USD and crypto stable coin DAI and can be completed without having to be converted into USD. Users will have their own dashboard that shows all assets and revenues in live time along with their wallets. Users will be able to see expected APY, access property values, and personal wallet values. Tokens will all be minted ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Terramint is on a mission to make real estate an easy, frictionless transaction process and it will also give the ability for real estate owners to access their liquidity. Creating this platform gives solutions for real estate investment and real estate owners to gain liquidity.

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

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