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Curioinvest launches Capital Dex

Curioinvest launches Curio Capital Dex, a decentralized, legally protected exchange primarily for security tokens such as Car Tokens issued by CurioInvest. Capital Dex is one of the first solutions that provide people with a decentralized crypto exchange of security tokens. It works in a decentralized manner completely relying on blockchain technology and protected by the Swiss legal regulators.

Starting off with car tokens from the CurioInvest platform, backed by real collectible cars from Curio’s garage, Capital DEX is a decentralized solution that supports other Ethereum tokens, not just security tokens. So on Capital DEX it will be possible to trade other tokens of the Curio ecosystem (for example, CGT – Curio Governance Token, CSC – Curio StableCoin, and others).

Capital Dex is a merger of two most required and used solutions i.e. a fully decentralized crypto exchange of tokens that works on the lightning speed of the Ethereum network and are protected by legal security procedures for security holders. This marks an advantage over the traditional exchanges that are only providing asset tokenization. The algorithms that are running the platform are the most advanced and are under the global standards for holding security tokens.

Just as a new car is tokenized by the CurioInvest, it is analyzed carefully and is added to an analytically generated risk-based diversified portfolio of collectible and valuable cars.

It will then be added to Capital DEX in the form of an Ethereum security token and available for exchange and trading. When there are several tokenized cars, Capital DEX plans to create wrapped tokens containing security tokens in a standardized proportion, highlighting the collectible car market value index. These tokens will then be added directly to Capital Dex.

CurioInvest already has the first successful case of tokenizing a Ferrari F12tdf in the form of a security token called Car Token 1 (CT1). This token will be the first available for exchange on Capital DEX.


Photo by Jeff Smith on Unsplash

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